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Hi all,

Here are links to photographs that I took during the conventions.  Glen helped with those beautiful stage shots of the "en Masse" Orchestra (as I was in the stage playing).  If any problem viewing these photos, let me know.   Please forward this to any one who may be interested in seeing these photos.   Web Master, if you can, please add these links to our CMSA website.

As there are about 300 photos in total, I have spilt them into the following smaller sets for your convenience.

To view photos, cut and paste or click on the link to go to the Flickr photosharing site.  It will show you all the pictures in a smaller mosaic format.  You can review by moving them down or up.  Alternatively, you may click on the Slide Show symbol on the right side at the top bar and you will see the photos in a larger full screen size and automatically moving on to next photo.

1. Practicing and Socializing (50 photos)

Practicing music, attending workshops, socializing with friends and shopping in vendor area

2. Open Mic Performance (43 photos)

CMSA members performing for other members.

3. Three Concerts (71 photos)

Lunch time concert at the Hotel on Sep 26, Evening Concert at the Hotel on Sep 27 and Concert at the Performing Arts Centre on Sep 28. 

4. The Gala Banquet (39 photos)

Gala Banquet, Prizes and Special Visitor at the CMSA Regina Mandolin Convention,

5. Regina - City Views (99 photos)

Kelly Paul and Don Gonsalves explored and photographed the beautiful city of Regina and its surroundings.


...  Kelly

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