T-Shirt Details

Official CMSA Convention Shirts

No doubt you were registering and got to the tough questions about the t-shirt you would like to order.

This year, we will be offering high quality t-shirts in blue, dark grey, and red.  The shirts have the CSMA logo on one sleeve and the Regina Convention logo on the other.  One style fits both men and women.  We encourage you to pre-order your shirt when you do your convention registration.  The pre-order discount price is $18.   A limited number of shirts will be available for purchase at the registration table for $22 while they last.

The logos will be on the sleeves roughly as you see here. The front and back are clear so you could even collect autographs if you like!

Blank T Shirt outline-white

The colour combinations and sizes (check right to the bottom for more detail on the sizes) 

Colour options v2

In order to help you get the best size for you we suggest you take a t-shirt form home and measure these dimensions and compare. Remember cotton will shrink up to 7%!

Siz Chart
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