A What??

What Happens at a Mandolin Convention?

Frequently Asked Questions… 

Is it like a Music Camp?

Yes in many ways. Read some of the additional information in Past conventions. 

What is C.M.S.A.?

C.M.S.A. stands for Classical Mandolin Society of America. They are a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and supporting the art of classical mandolin playing in North America.

Do they only play ‘classical’ music?

No. They are open to all genres and styles of music. The word ‘classical’ in their title simply refers to musicians who are taught in the ‘classical’ style (note-reading) as opposed to those who read ‘tab’ (tablature).

Is it only for Mandolin players?

Not at all mandolin, mandola, octave mandolin, madocello and guitar players attend and participate fully including the the En Masse Orchestra.

Why is RMO hosting a mandolin convention?

The annual C.M.S.A. conventions are great places for amateur mandolinists to meet other mandolinists, share ideas, network, learn new things and play music together. As a bonus, we get to hear professional mandolinists perform in a variety of musical styles. Perhaps the most important reason is that it’s fun!

Am I good enough to play music with other convention delegates?

You’ll notice that some convention delegates are really good musicians. Others are complete beginners, sometimes with only a few weeks or months of lessons under their belts. Most of us fall somewhere in between. We can assure you of this: You will never be ‘put on the spot’ or made to feel inferior at a mando convention! No one is there to judge your abilities. But everyone is there to learn and have fun.

How can I participate in a mandolin convention?

Hopefully, you will feel comfortable enough to register for the full convention package, and take part in the workshops and the En Masse Orchestra. If you would rather attend the workshops but skip the En Masse Orchestra, that’s fine. If you prefer to attend just the evening public performances given by the professional artists, that’s cool too! Ask us lots of questions, and we’ll help you determine what works best for you. 

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